When I first saw they had made a Karate Kid TV show on Netflix I wasn’t sold. I’ve seen some of the other movies that have been made in to TV shows and they have not been great and I didn’t want this one to ruin my memories of the movies.

During lockdown I had run out of things to watch so I thought I’d give it a go…and to my surprise it was great and really well made with loads of links to the movies to watch out for, and as I hadn’t watched the first and second seasons I had loads to keep me entertained.

I don’t want to spoil this for you by talking about too much but if you have time check it out! I would highly recommend it. I’ve also added below a link to one of my all time favourite songs.

No More Kings – Sweep The Leg (2007)

Mr Myagi was one of my childhood hero’s, who prompted me to convince my mum to book me in to Karate lessons…unlike Daniel son I did not pick it up in minutes and I failed miserably after 2 lessons. #stillawhitebelt

R.I.P – Pat Morita – 28 Jun 1932 – 24 Nov 2005

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