So the government have called for a full lockdown and work here has stopped. I hope you all stay safe in this time of crisis. I have turned my attention to binge watching TV and use this blog to share with you how we have spent out downtime. Fingers crossed we will be back to normal soon. So this is my first downtime post and I’ve finally watched Last Man on Earth on Amazon. and to my surprise it eerily has some similarities to the UK now.

Set in the year 2020, the world has succumbed to a deadly virus. Phil (Tandy) finds himself to be that last man on earth, and he does exactly what I would do. He travels the country collecting antiques, collectables and vintage cars to store in his mansion he has taken over, and smashes and sets fire to anything that looks fun to break.

Another similarity is that Tom Hanks is one of the first to contract the virus in the show, and I have just read in the paper he has it in real life too! Hopefully in this reality he makes a full recovery!

Kristen Wiig stars in the the fourth season, and her character Pamela is seen covering herself in hand sanitiser and shopping in a make-shift hazmat suit made out of ski goggles, face mask, black bin bags and purple rubber gloves. With the shortage of PPE we have at the moment I hope I don’t have to start going out in my stormtrooper helmet.

Please all stay at home and stay safe, enjoy this time with your family, and use this time to catch up on the things you missed the first time round on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


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