Philips Hue Filament Bulbs are perfect for vintage lighting We have been big fans of all things smart, but one of the big thing we have wanted to see is filament bulbs, most smart bulbs look very plain and do not look great in a lamp where the bulb is on show, but this has all change with the introduction of the filament range from philips hue. This range includes; A60 B22 Filament Standard G125 B22 Filament Globe G125 E27 Filament Globe G93 E27 Filament ST64 E27 Filament Edison ST72 E27 Filament Edison All of these bulbs have been designed to look like vintage, these bulbs are all LED bulbs and not incandescent so they don’t get hot when used. Currently these bulbs bulbs only come in a warm white which is ideal for accent lighting. Conclusion How to Buy

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