In 2009 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Levi’s Engineered Jeans, Levi’s create the “Twisted Originals” Ad campaign. They enlisted sculptor/artist Wilfrid Wood to create three original characters. He Sculpted and hand-painted Hopper, Fingers and Bernie, each wearing a different fit of Levi Engineered Jeans.

Poplar Barn – Our collection

 Hopper, Bernie and Fingers figures where on display in Levi’s Carnaby Street Store and also had a 6 part short animation series (See all episodes Below) and a three-part comic which was distributed nationwide.

Original Sketches

Episode 1 – Tongue Tied Twosome – Watch the twisted adventures of Hopper, Bernie and Fingers – the craziest threesome ever. Find out if advertising exec Hopper can find love, if Columbian rug dealing cabbie Bernie can get some friends in the UK and if unemployed student Fingers can finance his warehouse parties.
Episode 2 – Sh*t Interview – Fingers is desperate to get money and fund his graffiti parties… he needs a job. The person who he just shared a cab to Old Street with ends up being his potential employer. Let’s see if Fingers can twist his way into this position.

Episode 3 – Warehouse Wasters – At one of Fingers’ warehouse parties he has taken loser/ advertising exec, Hopper, to one side to give him a few tips on how to get with the ladies. Will Hopper get that shag? And if so, will he give Fingers a job? Meanwhile Bernie is… well Bernie’s just Bernie.

Episode 4 – The STD’s Are On Me – After the liaison with the woman at Fingers’ warehouse party, Hopper is on a massive high. In fact his ego AND his nuts are on fire so Bernie has taken him to an STD clinic.

Episode 5 – Urinal Unrest – Fingers, Bernie and Hopper are at the urinal. The Twisted Originals are doing what they do best… being weird.

Episode 6 – Showdown at the Station – After getting into a tangle Fingers, Bernie and Hopper are at the local cop shop. Fingers cannot believe his girlfriend has betrayed him. With Bernie in tow the Twisted Originals play out their final scene. What will become of them?

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