At Poplar Barn we love advertising collectables, and the thing that really draws us to them is the designs, colours or nostalgic logos. It’s great to find something we can repurpose and really bring a room to life, like our Camp coffee sign that would look great in a kitchen or our collection of Beer Memorabilia that would set off any garden pub.

It’s the logo’s that really draw us to some of our purchases, Being from London originally I’m always drawn to London advertising as I feel that displaying them brings a little bit of London to Kent.

Logos that remind me of my childhood is another trigger to buy something, like our Star Wars Display  Although it’s from the new films, I still smile when I see it as it takes me back to the 80’s to when I  would spend hours playing with my millennium falcon. My nan who would always buy me anything I wanted…as I was a spoiled child! lol thanks Nan! x

Our Midland Bank sign transports me back to when my mum took me open up my first bank account, I chose them because of the Griffin on the adverts and they gave me a branded school bag, dictionary, pencil case and a cheque book

The AA wall badge reminds me of my dad dragging me around motor museums or attaching one to the front of his latest classic car. Although cars have never been my thing this is where I caught the collecting bug.

What ever draws you to something to display let us know and if we don’t have it in stock we will be able to find it.


These are a few of our favourite logos with a Poplar Barn twist! We hope you enjoy!

Poplar Barn - Playstation
Poplar Barn - M & M's
Poplar Barn - Starbucks
Poplar Barn - Nike
Poplar Barn - Adidas
Poplar Barn - Milka
Poplar Barn - Harley-Davidson
Poplar Barn - McDonalds
Poplar Barn - Chupa Chups
Poplar Barn - Reese's Pieces
Poplar Barn - Budweiser
Poplar Barn - Cadillac
Poplar Barn - Yellow Pages

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