Upcycling is a growing trend that is still under the radar for some. Simply, it’s all about taking antique or vintage objects and furniture, and adding your own creativity to make it something new, unique and beautiful.

Upcycling Day is all about celebrating the art of upcycling. However, with that art also comes the focus on sustainable use of items, recycling instead of being wasteful, and the many different things we can do to reuse things that we might initially think are completely useless.

History of Upcycling Day

The term has been around since the 90s, but upcycling first gained popularity when it started trending in 2002. Even before then, people have been finding new uses for old things, more so in the days of our parents and grandparents where nothing went to waste.

Looking back to past generations, wastefulness is a fairly new thing, and likely to do with the fact that things are made cheaply, and therefore more affordable, making it often simpler to throw them away and buy a new one..

Upcycling has now caught on across the world. Both those dedicated to finding sustainable ways of living to save the planet and the more artistically inclined have been coming together to find all new ways to use the old things cluttering our lives and filling our waste dumps.

Upcycling Day came about as a way to bring attention to the craze and to encourage everyone and anyone to get involved in throwing less away and upcycling more.

How to celebrate Upcycling Day

If you want to celebrate Upcycling Day, then getting your hands dirty and actually upcycling something is the easiest way. Do some research and see what you could make out of things you have laying around that would otherwise go to waste. Maybe start a project with a friend or family member as an excuse to spend more time together.

Share your upcycling stories on our social media to raise awareness and give other followers some ideas of what they can do.

And if you don’t feel like getting creative yourself or you’re not sure how, take a look at our stock and see if any of our upcycled items would be a great fit in your home!

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